Friday, 14 September 2012

My first bOObehs

Meet the girls. . . .

Yes, Ive succumbed to the prim boob trend, and yesterday purchased my first pair of boobehs!!
I was a bit wary at the beginning, because Ive seen some (In my opinion) ridiculous sized boobs in SL, and not so very many normalish sized ones. But after being reassured that they can be sized from teeny lil fried eggs, to gigantic melons - depending on preference, I decided to give em a go.
Im actually really pleased with them, there are of course some things that annoy me, the first one being, the seam where the boobs join the chest. There are clothing layers in the pack, that can be edited to skin tone, and so to blend the join, but being new to bOObs I havent mastered that yet. Theres also the skin matching - ughh with every skin we already have to match our feet, and now boobs as well (angry face). Windlight annoys me too, it also affects feet and honestly it annoys the living daylights out of me, say when Ive edited my feet and boobs on my personal favourite windlight (one that I prefer for photos - makes skin look clearer) then I go off somewhere else, and the windlight is different, of course then it makes my feet and boobs look mismatched, and frankly nooby. I cant begin to tell you how irritating that is.
But other than those little grumbles, Im lovin the bOObs, they give a really good shape, and look wicked from the side. Theyre easily resized easily edited and easily matched to skin colour.
Being of the rather busty variety in RL I dont want gigantic melons in SL so Ive opted to keep em like the pic on the right, but Ive enlarged em for the other pic on the left just to see, but I really dont think Id go any bigger than those Mommas there. . . . . . . but ya never know. . . . .never say never and all that!!
Prim boobs need appliers that come with certain clothes, Hollipocket  make em, as does Linc, and also Sexy things , among many others.
So there ya go, my new toys, and Im going to be playing with them a lot -  just till I have them perfect you understand. . . not that I like to play with boobs for yaknow, fun!

Left pic :
Hair - Baileys - Strawberry @  LoQ
Shirt (with appliers) - Girly girl shirt - white  @ Hollipocket
Skirt - Button demin skirt - classicL'exception 

Right pic :
Hair - Tilly - blondeMarie doll 
Top (with appliers) - Ootsy cutesy top - Pink peppermint Hollipocket 
Pants & knickers - Sport flower pantsHollipocket 

Both pics :
Necklaces  - Pearl necklaces - combo short - white & blueMaxi Gossomer 
Bangles - Asymetrique banglesJe suis
Nails - Long nails - classic - frenchMstyle
Ring - Cross ringBens beauty