Friday, 14 September 2012

Love - chillin

When I logged in to SL today, my friend, who'd been redoing my land for me, had left me an offline, telling me she'd finished doing the section we were redoing and that she hoped I loved it. . . . . . I gotta say, I couldnt love it more! I stg Im astounded at what she'd been able to do. So originally the plan was to keep half of my land sub tropical, cos I have a sorta beach house, and have the other half as this enchanted forest, but having seen what shes been able to do, we've decided its all gonna be an enchanted forest. . . and come winter, its going to be a winter wonderland!!!

Heres a lil pic of me chilling on said new land, Ill provide more pics when we've done the other end too, but in the mean time, if anyone needs someone to terraform/sculpt, design land, shoot me an IM inworld, and Ill pass it to my Vic :o)

As for the outfit, it really isnt one, just a hawt lil sloppy joe tee, knicks, and hair tied up. The tee is on sale right now for Eyelures Grabbit, and the hair is still available for Collabor88, but beware, Collabor88 has a new location, and D!vas hair will be changing soon, as this in last months style for the event.

Hair - Manon - Type A - Red amberDiva at Collabor88 (New location) 
Face piercing - Dramatic piercing - Silver[EY:NO] 
Tee - Love mini dressEyelure ( 50L for grabit sale) 
Ring - The 'stashe double loop ring - Silver/fushia @ Northwest ( For FLF) 
Nails - Long nails - classic- frenchMstyle