Friday, 26 October 2012

Bite me Barbie

Hello peeps, happy friday!
Lots going on in SL right now, what with Halloween, and hunts etc. . . . but Im loving the boobieshow, which has some fantastic designers celebrating boobs \o/ Most boobie clothes can be worn without prim boobs, but its nice to have even more options for our avis right?

*Dreams* Wouldnt it be amazing to be able to take off, or increase/decrease our boobehs at the touch of a button in RL though? Ohh Id so love that, being of the big boobed variety in reality, I wish I cud take em off on an hourly basis *sighs*

Oooops, back to the deets. . . .
The tops are by Hollipocket (atm only available at boobieshow), and each one come in 3 colours (black/white/pink).
The gorgeous lil face piercing is a new release from Dirtyland, I had to snap it up as soon as I saw it.
The cute lil shoes are a new release from Stained, they come in loads of wicked halloween designs,but Ill feature em properly in another post this weekend :o) today I went with the black, which have a fine sprinkling of halloween orange on em - too cute.

Hair - Set free - DirtyExile 
Piercing - B.S piercingDirtyland 
Necklace - Hesperide - Black &  L PinkLouLou 
Tops - Bewbie topsHollipocket at the Boobieshow 
Tattoo - Odd one tattoo - No chest - FreshTenjin 
Bangles - Mess bangles - Silver[EY:NO] 
Rings (Left hand)  - Cross rings (texture change) Bens beauty 
Ring - Right hand - Bow mesh ring - PinkBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic blackMstyle 
Belly piercing - Emo belly piercingDirtyland 
Belt - Bite me beltDelirium 
Jeans - Tyra Lowrise- Skinny cuffed - Bleached blue Luck.Inc 
Shoes - Black heeled pumps Stained clothing