Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Rumpy Pumpkin

Omg I lolled when I saw this top - its completely awesome. Holli has done it again!! It comes with appliers for prim boobs, but still looks wicked with SL boobs as theres both prim stems for appliers and non appliers. Its only available from Perfect wardrobe, as are the earrings.
As I decided to go a bit pumpkin mad with this post, not everything is going to be available still, as some stuff is from last year, but Ill still provide the slurl and a lil (?) for if I'm not sure :o)

Hair - Bettylou - Black-gold (GG)  @ Exile 
Lil pumpkins in hair - Pumpkin hairpins (pack of 3 designs) @ *Seasons* 
Large pumpkins on bow in hair - Part of a past Halloween outfit @ Delirium  (?)
Piercing - Part of a past Halloween outfitDelirium (?) 
Earrings - April earrings - HalloweenBens beauty at Perfect wardrobe  
Top - Pumpkin bittiesHollipocket at Perfect wardrobe 
Tattoo - Dark flying bats tattoo (GG) Noya on MP 
(Free gifts are sent out to customers of Noya) 
Pants - Swag black denim mesh baggiesStained clothing 
Belly piercing - Belly goth piercingJamman 
Bangles/rings/nails - Into the dark bloom @ Virtual/Insanity  (?) 
Shoes - The skull flats @  Virtual/Insanity   (?)