Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hide 'n' seek

OK, deep breath. . . . .
The mesh shirt in todays piccy is from L'Exception, and is available in 6 different denim washes.
The shorts are meshy goodies from Kennedys, and are cheapsies for this weeks GFW
The hair is from Exile, and is another subscriber gifty.
The tattoo comes in 2 options, with a chest tatt, and without (prim boob friendly) and is also on sale for GFW this week
The earrings are a halloween edition from Bens and are only available at Perfect wardrobe.

**Side note** I wore the boots after Id gotten dressed, and forgot to ADD the alpha layer instead of wearing it, hence my shorts alpha coming off, and me not noticing till Id posted the blog **Noob alert!!**

Hair - Betty Lou - California (GG) @  Exile 
Earrings - April earrings -  HalloweenBens beauty at Perfect wardrobe 
Shirt - Denim lace tied tank - blackL'Exception 
Tattoo - Odd one tattoo - fresh  @ Tenjin at Jersey shore (For GFW)
Bracelets - Dena'ina - Noir Plastik 
Nails - Long nails - Classic blackMstyle 
Shorts - Jean shorts - GreyKennedy's at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Boots - Stagioni boots - CoalMaitreya