Saturday, 8 December 2012

Cleanin out my closet

Hello all!!

Well, the best part of today Ive spent cleaning my inventory, and although (I think) I did good, and was strict, deleting stuffs Ive not only not worn, but also not looked for in months, Im still left with over 55K items, and its becoming a bit of an obsession with me, I dont see how I can possibly need that much shite in my virtual life :o/

Anyway onto stuff that isnt shite, lots of pretties \o/ THATS what virtual life is for right?

All pics:: 
Hair - Chynna - W/roots - BarbieTruth 
Piercing - I Peench #3Virtual/Insanity 
Earrings - Wings - Bens beauty at FI*Fridays 
Necklace  - Wings- Bens beauty at FI*Fridays 
Bangles  - Mess bangles - Silver @ [EY:NO] 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - French @ Mstyle 

Outfit on left ::
(Includes appliers & stockings) 
My hotstuff corset - Pink Boobielicious at Bewbapalooza 

Outfit in middle ::
Top - Button down top - Pink cheetah [Q.E] at Bewbapalooza 
Tattoo - Lucky in love - FreshTenjin 
Jeans -Worn skinny jeans - Light blue - Cuffed Forever Young

Outfit on right::
Dress - My Festdress - PinkBoobielicious at Winter fair 
Stockings - Ripped stockings - BlackErratic 
Shoes - Coquette platforms - PinkN - Core