Monday, 10 December 2012

Sorry Im late :o/

Hello Peeps!!

Hope ya'll had a lovely weekend :D
This post was actually supposed to be posted yesterday, but with things being a bit hectic here, it didnt happen, soooo here is it - better late then never right?
The top was for lazy sunday, but I guess itll be back to full price now, so for that I apologise, still, its so cute I gotta show it, and you gotta buy it :D

Hair - Cheyenne - W/roots - Barbie  - Fades packTruth 
Earrings - Summer earrings - Silver @ [EY:NO]  
Piercings 1 - Dramatic piercing - Silver[EY:NO]  
Piercing 2 - I Peench#3 - Full - GreyVirtual/Insanity 
Necklace/bracelet /ring - Butterflies on me[EY:NO]  
Tattoo - Dragon lady - Fresh Tenjin 
Top - Peepin' tank - Lacey lavendar Hollipocket 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - Purple Mstyle 
Silver nail ring - Nail ring - Silver snake Mstyle 
Shorts - White stars mini pantiesGawk 
Tights/boots - Winter GGAlterEgo