Sunday, 30 December 2012

Cross my palm with silver?

Hello Lovelies!!

The CleaVage sim is now open!! A whole sim dedicated to the wonder that is breasts \o/

For me, this is like the starter before the main course. The main course being a new round of Bewbapalooza, which (squeels in excitement) opens on the 2nd jan!!! \o/ I cant wait!!

But for now, lets concentrate on the Cleavage yes? Eyes down, as they say lol.

Pink sugar has a pack of 2 gorgeous items out for the CleaVage opening, consisting of  2 flowing skirts and 2 crop tops, with a flower headband (not shown) and a flying butterfly (that took me ages to get in the pics!! well, 2 pics, the lil fker didnt want to be captured for the first pic). Both skirts are in lush tie dyed colours, Im showing the purple here, the other is a pinky mix one. I wrestled with myself which colour to show, as I wanted to do a lil something different with this post I couldnt show em both, well I could, but Im not keen on getting dressed in public places, even if its only pixels I might expose! (Seriously, Im not kiddin lol)

Hair - Amelie - GingerbreadWasabi Pills 
Cross piercing - Bendiction - Simple @ Ella Bella  (GG)
Lip/eye piercing - Dramatic piercing - Silver [EY:NO] 
Outfit - Foxy ladyPink Sugar at CleaVage 
Rings - Melissa rings - Purple leatherBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - French Mstyle 
Bangles - Mess bangles - Silver[EY:NO] 
Feet - Bare feetN - Core