Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Frosted Emporium

Frost has opened!!
And Emporium have got these wicked cropped lil tops exclusive to the Frost event \o/ They come in 7 designs, and are mesh so come in the standard sizing. Of course, being obsessed with skulls, that was the first one I opened, but theres something for everyone \o/ 

Hair - Penny - DippedPloom 
Piercing - Dramatic piercing[EY:NO] 
Cigarette - Ultimate cigarette Hermony 
Tops - Mini sweatersEmporium at Frost 
Nails - Anti flick nailsOnyx wear 
Tummy tattoo - Doll face - FreshTenjin 
Skirt - Pleated ultra mini - Dark washL'exception 
Knee tattoo - I gotsa boobooDelusions 
Boots - Myx - Print leopardInsanya 
Phone & poses - Call meExpressive poses