Sunday, 2 December 2012

Rizty Glitz

Hey Peeps!!

A late post from me today, as Ive been super busy in RL, with Christmas coming up and all that :o/

A quick note on the Winter fair first. SL has done it again, and the winter fair sim has been buggered up, so no-ones been able to TP there, hang on and keep trying, as theres some seriously good stuffehs there, some more of which Ill show tomorrow :o)

But today, its some more from Bewbapalooza, another fkn amazing event, for just us boob lovers.

((Chill haters. . . theyre just boobs, not like weapons of mass destruction or anythin. . .if I read another boob hatin FB post imma flip. . .we're all different, - in SL and RL. And if I choose to have big mammas on mah chest I will, I was supplied with em in RL imma have em in SL too K? Deal with it!!! Take ya lil fried eggs somewhere else. . .Ok rant over, onto the pretties))

Hair - Kylee - Vanilla puddingWasabi pills 
Necklaces - Pearls - Colour mixing necklaces (Tex change) @ Maxi Gossomer 
Tops - Charming shirts - Grey glitz & Pink glitzPink Sugar at Bewbapalooza 
Arm tattoo - Willow fairy  - FreshTenjin 
Tummy tattoo - Dirty little lovemaker - Fresh @  Tenjin 
Bangle - Abbey bracelet  (Tex change) @ Bens beauty at Stuff In Stock 
Nails - Long nails - Elegant (Tex change) @ Mstyle 
Rings - Melissa - Pink - Gold pack Bens beauty 
Jeans - Skinny jeans - Blue cuffed  & Pink cuffed Forever Young  
Shoes - Caprice - PourpreN - Core