Saturday, 1 December 2012

Winter fair is open!!

Helloooooo peeps!!

Ok so its officially nearly Christmas!!
Not only does December 1st bring panic attacks to us parents, but it also brings freezin cold weather (My God Ive been so cold today my nips looked like those in the pics so I got my husband to buy brandy - that ALWAYS warm me!!)

This year December also brings - for me - the start of 2 new events, the first I told you about yesterday - Bewbapalooza, which Ill be showing again tomorrow (and prolly most days after lol). But also the Winter fair, which as the name suggests, celebrates winter and all things warm and cozy - yay!! Alsoooo expect to see lots from here, Im lucky enough to have been included in both events - IK!! Yaaaay me!! Lololol

Plus, one of my best friends (Heyaaaaa Vicsterface!!)  has been seasonal-izing (not a word - but sooo should be) my half of the sim we share. I gotta say, shes fahookin amazing!! In spetember she took a tropical sim, and made it autumnal, and then today, transformed it into a winter wonderland!! (Bearing in mind we cant change land textures on our sim, ya jus gotta see what shes done - \o/)  She has most of the stuffs herself, so I only had to buy a few trees - result!! And I gotta say, woohooo - just woohooo!! If youd like her to transform yours, contact me inworld or search Victorya Berkmans. <<<<< Blatant advertising right?? Lol

Hair - Amelie - CinnamonWasabi pills 
Piercing - Ice Queen face piercingHollyweird at Winter fair 
Top & appliers  - Tango crop sweater - WhiteRack city 
Cardi - Mesh hooded cardigan"Dew" at Winter fair 
Leggings - Winter leggings - WhiteTentacio at Winter fair 
Socks - Scrunch socks - Stripe - Grey Doppelganger 
Boots - Huggies - TanBishes Inc 
Nails - Perfect long nails - FrenchMstyle