Monday, 14 January 2013

I want Candy

Hello everyone!!

Happy monday to you all :oD
And it issssss a happy monday, because a new round of Perfect wardrobe begins today, aaaandddd I. . . . *lil ole me*. . . .  am the newest blogger to cover the event *yaaaaaaay!!*  Huge thankies to organiser Whisper!!

This rounds theme is Candyshop, so expect lots of sweet and sugar, with plenty of sexyness *Winks*

So my first official posting of this fantastical event is this gorgeous Hollipocket lingerie set, which perfectly covers the Candyshop theme.
The lingerie comes with appliers for Tango mesh breasts. There's 4 different options for the bra, 2 on the bra applier, and 2 on the top applier, so if you want a lil nipple on show, there's an applier for that, or a lil more modest? Holli covers that too \o/

Hair - Early - Hud 03Magika 
Piercings- Face::  Face piercing 01 - Dark silver
Belly piercing ::  Regret - Blue 
Both @ Dirtyland 
Earrings - Pretty butterfly earrings - Silver 
Necklace - Pretty butterfly necklace  - Silver 
Both tex change & @ Bens beauty 
Gloves - Fishup net gloves - Torn  - Powder blue Hollipocket 
Nails - Perfect long nails - Colourful (Tex change)Mstyle 
Lingerie - Barbie doll lingerieHollipocket at Perfect wardrobe 
Tattoo - Lucky in love - FadedTenjin 
Shoes - Emporium - VioletN - Core