Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Be my baby

Elloooo Peeps!!

Ive been at a parents evening in RL tonight so not only is my GFW posts late, but Im also not going to be able to post as many as I do normally. So lets just tally ho and Ill show what I can lol

This dress is my first pick of the bunch, I love the colours and the shape. its mesh, so comes in the standard sizes, I just wish it had appliers for breast implants too, but hey ho, its good to take your implants off to give em a good dusting eh?

The one sleeve tattoo is also on offer this week, it is also mesh, and comes in various sizes, it looks wicked, and having a single sleeve is soo unusual (I believe with the old clothing layering system it was impossible to have a single sleeve tattoo - until mesh that is)

Shup bish also have a gesture pack for GFW this week, its a pack of 8 (8!!!) use everyday gestures, including my faves ::
 *gasp*  ו'ɱ Ⴆʅוɳԃǃ  (๑_๑)    cmon ya know thats gonna be used allll the time!! Plus
 Ϻʏ ⓇⓄⒻⓁͼoᴘтᴇʀ ɢoᴇs SWA-SWA-SWA!!!
and my total total fave ::
Oo☺oOo☻ α ησσв...    ↪  ...ℓєт'ѕ ρσкє ιт ωιтн α ѕтιcк! ☺☺☺
lmaoooo Im such a gesture whore

Hair - Tangle Magika 
Eyes & piercing - Lapse - AuroraEllaBella 
Earrings - DamlaBens beauty 
Tattoo - Passion mesh tattoo - Fresh @ Tenjin at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Short necklace & Bracelets - Bijou (Sold sep) @ The Pink Bandaid 
Long necklaces - Babette - Combo - MediumMaxi Gossomer 
Dress - Be mine @ DRBC at Jersey Shore (For GFW) 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - BlackMstyle 
Knuckle dusters - Pierced skullsUtopiaH at Stuff In Stock 
Stocking - Taken from the Seduce me outfit @ Custom Inkz 
Boots - Nadya - Print heart Insanya 

Gestures - GFW Pack @ Shup Bish at Jersey shore  (For GFW)