Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Forget me knotty

Helloooooo Loves!!

Sorry about my lack of posting yesterday, (*Gasps* I know!! Feels like I've not posted in a week!!) but I've been transforming my land from a winter wonderland to a spring meadow, I'm sooo bored with the snow and cold right now, I need a bit of sun, if not in my RL (bloody English weather grrr) then definately in my SL.

Hollipocket has brought out these gorgeous cropped tops, in pretty pastel colours, theres 18 colours to choose from, 6 in crochet, 6 solids and 6 zebra - lushness. As always, these can be worn without prim breasts but  appliers for Tango bewbs are included.

Hair - Chynna W/roots  - BarbieTruth 
Tiara - Emo queenDirtyland 
Earrings - Damla Bens beauty (New) 
Eyes & Piercing - Lapse - Aurora EllaBella 
Tattoo - Rebel angel (appliers sold sep) @ Endless pain 
Necklace (Short) & Bracelets - Bijou (Sold sep) @ The P!nk Bandaid 
Long multi necklaces - Babette - Combo - MediumMaxi Gossomer 
Top - Knotty top - Baby pinkHollipocket (New) 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - Black Mstyle 
Rings - Pierced skulls knucklesUtopiaH at Stuff in stock 
Belt - RevengeAlterEgo 
Skirt - Yulia - WhiteSpirit store 
Cut knee - I gots a boobooDelusions 
Boots - Nadya - Print heartInsanya