Thursday, 7 February 2013

Fk you SL!

Hello Lovelies!!

SL has been kicking my arse seriously today, its taken me all day (and no im not exaggerating) to put together an oufit and make it up to my studio from my land directly below, seriously I wanted to hurl my laptop or hit someone. Nothing has loaded, I cant edit stuff, oh just allkinds of shit has been goin stupid

So I hope you like, cos its been a long time coming lol

The top comes in 2 versions, this one, and a pulled up to expose the breast option.
The jeans are my new loves, they come in ripped and non ripped versions, and standard sizing.

Hair - Lisa - IndecisivePloom 
Eyes/piercing - Lapse - AuroraEllabella 
Tattoo - Rebel angel (Appliers sold sep) @ Endless pain 
Necklaces - Pearls - Combo - Long - WhiteMaxi Gossomer 
Shrug - Shrug off jacket - White - Zebra packHollipocket 

Bracelet - Hoop mesh bracelet - Pink - Colour pack 
Rings - Melissa - Grey -Silver pack 
Both @ Bens beauty 

Top - Crop tee - Pink leopard Candygirls at Bewbapalooza 
Belt - Heart belt AlterEgo 
Jeans - Vanessa - RippedSpirit store 
Nails - Long nails - Elegant coloursMstyle 
Shoes - Diva - WhiteN-Core