Friday, 1 March 2013

Squeeze of lime

I know its hard to believe, but apart from the amazing WCF theres other events happening across the grid too!!
Bewbapalooza begins tomorrow, and I have some wicked stuff to show you from there, but also Cleavage is having thier bi-weekly event -  Going Bust - too!! So while youre waiting for the lag to die down over at WCF, why not head over to CleaVage where you can get sexy little numbers like these cutesy tops from J'adore. You get 2 tops in the pack, and each top comes in 2 versions, a laced top, and a nipply one too! Everything out at the event is under 100L - bargains!!

Now, of course Ive teamed mine with more goodness from WCF, but thats just cos I can, and Im a terrible show off!!

Hair - Julia - RyeWasabi pills at WCF2 (New) (Exclusive) 
Earrings - Exclusivo - 3Fzapp at WCF2 (New) (Exclusive) 
Glasses - Clean & dirty - Greenellemeno at WCF2 (New) (Exclusive) 
Lollipops - Dirty lollipops - Orange & Dragon (Rare) @ Sugar at WCF2  (Gatcha) 
Tops - Spring tanks @ J'adore  (CleaVage) 
Nipple piercing - Chrome - SilverEllabella at WCF2 (New) (Exclusive) 
Necklace - 1964Virtual/Insanity 
Bangles - Bishes bangles - LemonBishes Inc 
Nails - Perfect long nails - ColoufulMstyle 
Skirts - Ruffle skirts - Orange & GreenPretty Liar at WCF2 (New) (Exclusive) 
Shoes - Left - Fabulous heelsMon Cherie at WCF2 (New) (Exclusive) 
Shoes - Right - Coqueta platformsKiki designs at WCF2 (New) (Exclusive)