Wednesday, 6 March 2013

WCF Versus GFW

Hello  Girls!!

Lots to get through for this posty so lets get a crack-a-lackin.

First up Shup bish have a pack of 5 wicked gestures - regular readers will know I LOVE gestures, they save me from typo-ing full words lol
This weeks pack includes my faves:

 ¤═══   GO   AWAY!   ═══¤   will be used a lot!!

чσυ нανε αп αвƨσʟυтεʟч вяεαтнтακıпɢ нıпεч. with Will Ferrels voice lol Im lovin that one


  • ⊙ηє ѕєc • тєχтιηg!•  always handy!!

Ill let you discover the other 2 by yourselves :o) Ill just say, theyre all goodies!!

Gestures - Shup bish @ Shup bish at Jersey shore 

Next up the ass spankingly gorgeous Miss Hollipocket has a cute lil bra top out, in blue, this comes in 2 versions, a show-us-ya-nips version, and a cover-em-up one. It comes with Tango appliers included.

Fot the WCF side of this post, we have a hawt lil top from Linc thats available  in 12 colours, and includes appliers for Tango bewbies.

Tenjin have 2 exclusive tatts out for WCF, both are mesh and come in fresh and faded shades.

The wedges are also exclusives for WCF and come in 8 colours, each colour comes with silver or gold studs.

The skirts are by Wound, and are available in 7 colours. The hip tattoo is also by Wound and comes in underpants.pants and tattoo layers.

Hair - Moment - Hud 03 Magika (New)
Earrings - Blenda earringsBens beauty at Stuff in stock (New)
Eyes/piercings - Lapse - Clear & Gentian @ Ellabella  
Tattoo - Full body  - Pure sinEndless pain 
Tattoo - Sleeve - Lily the pink @ Tenjin at WCF (New) (WCF)
Tattoo - Hip  - Dino hip tatt.wound 
Top - Right - Missy top - Barbie pink @ at WCF (New) (WCF) 
Top Left - Pipe the fook down - Camo royal blue @ Hollipocket (New)  (For GFW) 
Necklaces - Left - Pearl combo - Short - PinkMaxi Gossomer 
& Mustache necklace - BlackBens beauty  (New) 
Necklaces - Right - Babette - Jet & silverMaxi Gossomer  
& Angel wings  Bens beauty (New) 
Piercing - Regret - Pink Dirtyland 
Belt - RevengeAlterego 
Skirts - Whoreish skirts - Black & Pink.wound 
Bangles - Hoop mesh bracelets - Metal pack & colour pack @  Bens beauty
Nails - Ultra mesh nailsJamman on Marketplace 
Rings - Melissa - Pink leatherBens beauty
Rings/Garter  - Bullets & bows Alterego at WCF  (New) (WCF)
Shoes - Star wedges - Pink & blue @ Soul at WCF  (New) (WCF) 

Up next we have a cutesy lil top from Bluestar for GFW, this is mesh and comes in standard sizes
The shoes are by Waterlily and are new and exclusive to WCF, they come with two huds, one that controls the size/skin tone, and one that changes the colour/pattern to 72 colours, 8 nail polish colours, and colour change metals.

Hair - Plenty - Hud 03Magika (New) 
Top - Cutie halter - Pink @ Bluestar designs at Jersey shore   (For GFW) 
Tattoo - Violet tattoo - Faded @ Tenjin at WCF  (New) (WCF) 
Skirt - Yulia - Blue Spirit store 
Nails - Bamboo nails - White laced up @ Bamboo nails at WCF  (New) (WCF) 
Shoes - Waterlily collection @ Eskimo fashion at WCF  (New) (WCF)