Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Belt up

Ello Meloves!!

More goodness from Perfect wardrobe, and  Wound for this post. Its late, and 'Im tired so I'm not going to jabber on, but the boob belt is available in 6 colours for Perfect Wardrobe, and  just - well - I hope you like the look!

Hair - Moment - Hud 03Magika (New) 
Eyes/Piercing - Lapse - Clear Ellabella 
Earrings - Blenda - BlackBens beauty at Stuff in stock (New) 
Cig/pack  - Ultimate cigaretteHermony 
Tattoo - Rebel Angel @ Rebel Angel 
Necklace - Dia de los MuertosPepper 
Boob belt - Hold em tight - BlackSourires at Perfect wardrobe (PW) 
Gloves - Lolita - BlackLouLou 
Nails - Ultra mesh nailsJamman on Marketplace 
Tights - Seemed fishnet - Ripped - BlackBlowpop 
Belt - Buckle belt - LeatherPepper 
Skirt - Whoreish mini - Tartan.wound 
Leg strap - Leg bandaid - Red 
Knee guard
Both  @ Dirtyland 
Boots - URB Booties - BlackKiki at WCF2 (New) (Exclusive) (WCF)