Friday, 12 April 2013

Kawaii Fair Opens!!

Hello Loves!!

Yes after much excitement and anticipation, Kawaii fair opens its doors!! Lots of sweet cuteness awaits you - go go go!!

Hair - Early - Hud 03Magika 
Hairbow - Kawaii bow BY Forever young at Kawaii Fair (New) (Exclusive) 
Birdie - Fat lil bird pet - Pink BY Mishmish at Kawaii Fair (New) (Exclusive) 
Eyes - Kawaii eyes - Pink BY Anatomy at Kawaii Fair (New) (Exclusive) 
Makeup - Anika kawaii makeup # 1 BY *StepinSide* at  Kawaii Fair (New) (Exclusive) (Gift) 
Mask - Neo anime mouth mask BY *Epic* at Kawaii Fair (New) (Exclusive) 
Piercing - Facial piercing - Unisex BY Phoebe piercings at  Kawaii Fair (New) (Exclusive) 
Shrug - Shrug off jacket - Lace - Baby blueHollipocket 
Neckbow - Ribbon tie - Pink BY Retro' at Kawaii Fair (New) (Exclusive) 
Top - Stitched leather boob tube - Pink BY Anatomy at Kawaii Fair (New) (Exclusive) 
Belly piercing - Frog belly piercing BY Phoebe piercings at  Kawaii Fair (New) (Exclusive) 
Skirt - Princess tutu - Galaxy BY {Poptart} at Kawaii Fair  (New) (Exclusive) 
Tights - Kawaii tights # 1 BY *StepinSide* (New) (Exclusive)  
Boots - Triumph V2 - Pink GoS 

Taxi to Kawaii Fair - Open now!!  


Happy shopping!