Friday, 12 April 2013

Kawaii - fied!!

Hello Lovely peeps!!

And happy friday to ya'll!! Its evening time here, and I'm not far off from my first G & T, but first, theres so much at Kawaii fair I want to share with ya'll!!
I swear this fair is just stuffed with gorgeous, cute, sugary sweetness, Im loving - LOVING Kawaii Fair!! Its safe to say Ive been well and truly Kawaii-fied!! (My word-you can use it if ya want lolol)

Firstly the little bird pet (OMG!  LOVE him!!) comes with a little perch for him to sit on, and fly around, or like me you can wear him and he will follow you. He has 2 sisters, a yellow and a pink birdy, the necklace also comes in those colours.  They are sold seperately.

The popsicle mouthy comes with 4 sweet poses, and is first of the many items Elephante poses have out at the Fair. This pose, along with loadsa other goodies is available at the Kawaii fair Bazaar (see map below), where everything is on sale for between 1L - 10L --bargains!! Ill show the other poses in coming posts - Im beyond excited with this fair!!

The dress is available in 9 gorgeous colours and come with appliers for tangos, Pushups, Lush, Mused etc - gorgeousssssss!!!

The lil TV booby is by Epic and is one of ten colours available in the Gatcha machine - try ya luck!!

The cute lil piercing I showed yesterday, but without the glasses I was wearing, you can see under the eye piercings clearer - lushness.

Hair (with bow) - Hoshi - Summer blondiesCaTwA (New) 
Mouthy & poses - Kawaii lick  BY Elephante poses at Kawaii Fair (New) (Exclusive) 
Piercing - Facial piercing - Unisex BY Phoebe piercings at Kawaii Fair (New) (Exclusive) 
Birdy pet & necklace - Fat little bird pet & Necklace BY Mishmish at Kawaii Fair (New) (Exclusive) 
Booby TV - Kawaii Neo Neko Boob Tube - Blue  BY Epic at Kawaii Fair (New) (Exclusive) (Gatcha) 
Dress - Kawaii dress - Neon BY BoobieLicious at Kawaii Fair  (New) (Exclusive)
Nails - Ultra mesh nailsJamman on MP 
Rings - Poinsetta rings BY Phoebe Piercings at Kawaii Fair (New) (Exclusive) (Gift) 
Bangles - My rose BY Just You Jewels at Kawaii Fair (New) (Exclusive) 
Tattoo - Pride - Light colourWicked tattoos 
Shoes - Addiction - fatpackN-Core at The Event - Hollywood 

Ride to Kawaii Fair 

Heres the map so you dont get lost finding all the goodies!! 

Happy Shopping!!