Thursday, 11 April 2013

SexZ Kawaii

Hello again Sexy peeps!!

As mentioned earlier, the Kawaii fair 2013 begins tomorrow, so - as promised - heres some more goodies for ya to squeal about. Sooooo much more to come!!

The sexy lil tee come in 5 animal designs, and this kitty design comes in 8 colours!! (Im not sure about the other designs - yet - I havent unpacked em all - but I'm obsessed with kittehs so thats the one I went for!!)

The piercings have texture change gems, and the face piercing is unisex,  expect to see lots more of these cos I lurvesssss em!!

The glasses come in 4 colours, and each colour comes with a clear glass version, and a cracked version, the cracked one has wicked details in the lenses - love these so much <3

You can check the kawaii fair blog   here   There you will also find  a map to check where all ya fave designers are :o)

Hair/bow - Hoshi - Summer blondiesCaTwA  (New)  
Glasses - Wonderland glasses - Broken - 02 BY Strawberry jam at  Kawaii fair (New) 
Piercing - Facial piercing - Unisex BY Phoebe at Kawaii fair (New) 
T shirt - Kitty kawaii titty tee - Blue BY SexZ at Kawaii fair (New)  
Bangles - My rose - Kawaii BY Just you at  Kawaii fair (New) 
Rings - Kawaii poptart rings @ Rotten defiance (Past PW item) 
Nails - Ultra mesh nails @ Jamma on MP 
Belly piercing - Panda piercing BY  Phoebe at Kawaii fair (New) 
Tattoo - PrideWicked tattoos 
Pants - Foxy leggings - PinkForever Young 
Shoes - Addiction - FatpackN-Core at The Event - Hollywood 
Cushions - Kawaii pillows BY Dead apple at Kawaii fair (New)  

Taxi to Kawaii fair 

Happy shopping!