Thursday, 4 April 2013

Precious metals

I was going to call this post Stunning, cos these Vex dresses by Plastik are absolutely stunning.
I dont think theres another store in SL that makes textures and fabrics as rich, vibrant and as intense as Plastik do. They really do need to be seen to be believed.

So let me show you! Just 2, and I cant even tell you how hard it was to just pick 2.
I know that they're BOTH  black (ish), but its the colour I always tend to opt for (and the metallic feel of these two I fell in lust with), maybe Ill do another post with a couple of the brighter colours too? Yes thats sounds like a plan, watch this space!

Hair - Please - Hud 03Magika 
Face - Otherside - Silver lining
Chest - Bulletproof - Silver lining

Both @ HoD 
Necklace (Includes ring not shown) - Wing set - Black Pepper (New) 
Dresses - Vex dresses - Weaver & Lace Plastik (New) 
Arm cuffs - The lost clocksDirtyland 
Gloves - Lolita - BlackLouLou 
Rings - Shield rings - Black/silverLaGyo 
Nails - Ultra mesh nails Jamman on MP 
Leg strap - Gun holsterAlterEgo 
Knee guards 
Lower leg strap - Ladies secret gun 

Both @ Dirtyland  
 Stockings - Wide fishnets - BlackErratic
Boots - Triumph - Black GoS