Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Hello Peeps!!

There will be no round of Jersey Shores GFW this week, as the sim is still being remodelled (although you can still shop generally - on a platform in the sky) but there is Perfect Wardrobe, and Stuff in stock to keep your shopping needs satisfied! Heres a couple bits from both events, and an appearance by the Kawaii fair too!! :D

Hair - BerryjuiceLoQ at TDR Fusion (New) (Modded) 
Hairbase - Shaved - WhiteWasabi Pills (Modded) 
Ears & plugs - Mesh gauged earsZombie suicide 
Eyebrow piercing - Eyebrow A1Phoebes piercings at Designer circle (New)
Lip piercing - Serie M2Phoebes piercings at Black market (New)
Bruised face - Punched face tattooCorvus 
Knife - Camo mouth knife -BY Anatomy at Perfect Wardrobe (New)
Dress - Camo dress - White - Solid BY Rotten defiance at Perfect Wardrobe (New)
Necklace - Larissa necklace BY Bens beauty at Stuff in stock (New)
Tattoo - PassionTenjin 
Belt - Store closed :(
Backpack - Neo neko TV backpack BY Epic at Kawaii Fair (New)
Gloves - Fingerless gloves - White 
Socks - Garter socks - White
Both @ Luck Inc 
Rings/garter & bullet bows @ Bullets & bows Alterego 

Bruised legs - Wounded knees 01Suicidal Unborn 
Shoes - Unisex sneakers - Zebra BY Booblish at Stuff In stock  (New)

Taxi to Perfect Wardrobe 
Taxi to Stuff In Stock 
Taxi to  Kawaii fair 

Happy shopping!