Saturday, 11 May 2013

Lets play

Hello once again lovely Peeps!!

One last post to finish off what has been a lovely Saturday!

I've called this post "Lets play", after the name of the tummy tatt, and thought it very apt, as this look is both playful and cute!! The tatt itself was a past group gift, but is still available at Vestigium, I think I might have paid at most 10L fot it, along with other past hunt items and such.

The skulleh bows are made by a lovely girl called Cyberkasami and although her store isn't up yet, I've provided her MP link as that links to her, and you can IM her to buy the bows - that's how I met her, and she's just lovely, very helpful, and oh my gawd has she got some cute stuffehs comin' soon!! (If you do IM her, plz say you saw it it Brookies blog!!)

Eyelure also have new mega cute skirts out, they come with lil bandeau tops, but sadly no appliers, but the skirts are too cute, in a few different colours, I love the metallic sheen on this one <3

Hair - Emelie - Fairly odd pack LeLutka 
Skulls - Ganguro Notica Skull Bow - Neon purpleFBI 
Glasses - Clean glasses - Purple! ellemeno ! 
Piercing - Childer - SlickEllabella (New) 
Earrings/bracelets - Summertime easy living BY Maxi Gossomer at Collabor88  (New) 
Necklaces - Summertime easy living  BY Maxi Gossomer at Collabor88  (New) 
Rings - Melt my heart BY Aux at Collabor88  (New) 
Choker - Ribbion choker pastel.wound 
Arm tattoo - Fortune Tenjin at Jersey shore  (New) (For GFW)
Bra (Part of a set) - Dottie lingerie[QE] at Bewbapalooza  (New) 
Tummy tattoo - Lets playVestigium 
Belly piercing - Regret - PinkDirtyland 
Gloves - Skull gloves - Pink Sakide 
Skirt - Fluff mini - Blue purpleEyelure  (New) 
Stockings - Punk stocking - Lace - WhiteWhore Mansion 

Garter - Smexay garter - Sequin grapeHollipocket 
Boots - TriumphGoS 

 Happy shopping!