Saturday, 11 May 2013

Just peachy

Hello again Darlings!!

Ive had a lovely day shopping in RL, and then in SL, now Hubs happy watching football, so I thought Id do a quick post \o/

Spirit store have gorgeous new pants out, in the most fabby colours and sheeny fabric, lovessss em lots!!
I also went to Collabora88 and picked up some lush goodies from Maxi Gossomer and Aux  -  \o/ for free time!!
Oh a word on the rings, they only come for the left hand, but are mod/copy ok so I just copied the white one, attached to right hand, and moved it into position -simples!

Hair - Natalia - ColoursLaViere 
Tiara - Sunshine on a rainy dayMaxi Gossomer at Collabor88 (New) 
Piercing - Childer - SlickEllabella (New) 
Choker - Ribbion choker - Pastel pack.wound 
Necklaces - Colour mixing pearlsMaxi Gossomer 
Necklace - StellaBens beauty 
Top - Indifectable - Yellow & pink color setB!asta at Bewbapalooza (New) 
Tattoo - Love lives on @ Zentro at Jersey shore   (for GFW) 
Arm cuff - Dena'ina armlet - White The Plastik 
Bangles - Colour blocking minimalismTee*fy 
Rings - Melt my heart - Pink & white Aux at Collabor88 (New) 
Belly chain - Body strings - Butterflies - Gold[EY:NO] 
Pants - Arkadiya - PeachSpirit store (New) 

Shoes - Helena @  Redgrave 

 Happy shopping!