Thursday, 16 May 2013

See No Evil

Hello Loves!

Unless you live in a cave you will have heard about Depraved Nations 100 block party. Hollipocket have these sexy as fahook mini skirts out for the event, in 4 camo colours. These skirts are mesh, but have no alpha, so be sure to wear some knickers!! They are fully modifiable, and if you edit linked parts and then resize, you can get them to fit perfectly <3 Miss Hollipocket does it again :oD

The gorgeous leg tattoo was for the last round of Fi*Fridays and as its a new round tomorrow, I asked the creator - Shiana Deed - how peeps can get a hold of it, she said if ya'll just I.M her she will be happy to sell it anytime :o) Its a beautiful tattoo, so dont miss out, I.M Shiana to get ya mitts on it \o/

Hair - Abra - Light BlondesTruth (Temp LM) (New)  
Horns - My Cute Devil Horns - Blue @ UtopiaH  (Gatcha)
Antlers - Eternum Antlers - Constellation (Gatcha)
Eye patch - See No Evil
Both @ Half Deer 
Piercing - Childer - Slick
Eyes - Lapse - Aurora 
Both @ Ellabella 
Cig & pack on hip - Ultimate CigaretteHermony 
 Collar - Jessica Collar @ Phoebe's piercings   (New) 
Tattoo - Animalistic Halfy Tattoo - Catty Cobalt Hollipocket at WCME 
Necklaces - BabetteMaxi Gossomer 
Top - Missy Luck.Inc 
Belt - Spike BeltCandydoll 
Gloves - Stud GlovesSakide (Gatcha)
Bangles - Hoop Mesh Bracelets - Metallic PackBens beauty 
Rings/ Belly peircing - Orion (Sold seperately) @ Phoebe's Piercings at Designers Circle (New) 
Skirt - Bend me over Mini - Camo - Blue Hollipocket at 100 Block (New) 
Tattoo - Spring BreakYour Cocain (See note above!!) 
Leg strap 1 - PistoleroLouLou 
Leg strap 2 - Back To War (GG) 
Arm strap - Cigarette arm strap 
Knees - Knee Guards 
All @ Dirtyland 
Boots - RegulatorRazor 

Happy shopping!