Saturday, 20 July 2013

Cherry Pickin'

Hello again Lovely Peeps!!

Wooooot!! Hello Titty Slots has JUST opened!!! A gatcha fair of all things boobie - whats not to love? I'll tell ya - nothing!!

J'adore have cutes lil dresses in their gatcha, and this edible cherry number is just one of the rares you can be lucky enough to snaffle. \o/

Alsooooooo, Bens Beauty have beauts lil clutch bags out. In a ton of different colours, and each colour coming in Black, Gold & Silver trims (anim included - yay!)

Click the link under the piccie to get the deets :o)

Hair - Eudora - Blondes @ Tameless at Hair Fair  (New) 
Kitty Ears - Kitty Bow Peep @ Pididdle (Gatcha-Rare) 
Earrings /Necklace - Pin Up Set 
Bag - Vivian Clutch - Red - Gold (New) 
Both @ Bens Beauty 
Dress - Summer Mini - Cherries @ J'adore at Hello Titty Slots (New-Exclusive) (Gatcha - Rare) 
Bracelets - Danielle - Gold @ Pure Poison   (New-GG) 
Leg Tattoo - Spring Break Your Cocain 
Shoes - Chic Model - Cherry @ BSD Design at Food Fair  (New)