Friday, 19 July 2013

Lime Soda

Happy Friday All!!!

And what a beautiful Friday it is too :o) The sun is shining (Why is everyone saying its a heatwave - it bloody  isnt - its called summer!!) and the weekend is just around the corner - woooot I can feel the G&T's calling :D

Anyhoo back to SL, and Hello Titty Slots is opening tomorrow- a gatcha event for all things boobie \o/

Click the link below the piccy for all the deets :o)

Hair - Dolly - CandyPloom 
Hair Skullehs - Ganguro Notica BY Cyberkasami Resident 
Piercing - Vaeface Ellabella 
Earrings/Necklace - Niky - Green Bens Beauty 
Bikini - Teeny Kini - Marioland (New) (Gatcha -Rare) 
Boob Bomb - Gamer Girl Plushie - Bombom (New) (Gatcha -Rare) 
Sleeves - Timeless Tattoo @ Zentro at Jersey Shore  (New) (For GFW) 
Bangles - Bishes Bangles - LemonBishes Inc 
Rings - Melissa - Gold Fatpack Bens Beauty 
Nails - Ultra Mesh NailsJamman 
Tummy Tattoo - Sweet Little ThingTenjin 
Belly Piercing - The Owl Phoebe's Piercings 
Garter - Skrippa Garter Alterego 
Leg tattoo - Gone Too Far Your Cocain 
Shoes - Helena Redgrave 
Poses - Stands 031-035 @ Flash Friendly Poses at Jersey Shore  (New) (For GFW)