Sunday, 18 August 2013

Flowa Powa

Hey-ho Sweet-peas!

Just thought i'd make a quick post while I have a half hr to spare :o) Hopes ya likes! <3

Hair - Zelda - Macaron Pack @ Lamb at Collabor88 (New) 
Makeup - Blooming Facepaint 2 (New) 
Lips - Summer Shimmer - Basic 1 (New) 
Raccoon - My Cute Raccoon @ MishMash at Acid Lily (New) 
Tattoo - Fairy Princess Tenjin at Acid Lily (New) 
Necklace - Penguin Necklace - Pink @ Atooly at SL Fashion Week (New) 
Necklace - Celeste's Sparkly Heart Maxi Gossomer at Collabor88 (New) 
Dress - Rufflegrrl - Blue Confetti SexZ at CleaVage (New-Lubbly Jubblies)
Bracelets - Boho Bangles - Pink/Silver Maxi Gossomer 
Leg Tattoo - Gone Too Far Your Cocain 
Shoes - Omega - Pink  @  N-Core