Friday, 30 August 2013

Freaky Friday

Hello Bunnehs!

So Friday is here again -yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! To be honest this week has gone super fast with it being a Bank Holiday week in the UK - woo wish it was every week!!

Anyhoo, lots to share so lets crack on :D

GFW has kicked off today, and kicked of in stylee! Cherry Pop Studios have a lovely lil wall decal on offer, here it is in mah house, looking all pretty <3

(Credits below)

Now for the Outfit of the day, and Kennedy's have a cute lil top out for GFW, rather risque but hey its Friday! This top includes appliers for Tango.

As its Friday, the new round of Fi*Fridays has begun too, and Your Cocain is back -  wooooot!! Shiana is back from her holidays, and back in style!! The ultra cute freckles here (including the gorgeous eye-makeup), and the arm tattoo are both on sale for only 55L each for the next week - Welcome back Shiana <3

We also have brand spanking newness from the fantabulous Bens Beauty also at Fi*fridays who have this gorgeous gold & black jewellery set out. The set includes earrings, necklace, ring, plus something new - rings for mesh hands! How cool is that? If there's more goodies like this for mesh hands I may finally invest in some!

Last but OMG deffo not least,  a huge THANKIES to mah Gorgeous Girly Crazybytch Venom for gifting me these wicked mesh pants!! She loved em so much she treated me to a pair, and I loves em too!! They come with a hud to change the colour of pants, belt & buttons so you can mix it up to your hearts content \o/ Also, shes got a wicked assed blog, check it out here : Bad Bytches  Kisses & smoochies darlin you rocks mah heart ❤❤❤

Upper Pic : 

Wall Decal - Unforgettable Decal CPS at Jersey Shore (For GFW) 
Couch - (Part Of The) Pallet Furniture Set - Driftwood Floorplan 

Lower Pic: 

Hair - Trinity - Fades @ Tameless  (New) 
Ears - Steking Ears Mandala
Freckles/Eyeshadow - Makeup 1Your Cocain at Fi*fridays  (New) 
Earrings/Necklace/Ring - Dokata Jewellery SetBens Beauty at Fi*fridays  (New) 
Choker - Ribbion - Fatpack .wound 
Arm Cuffs - The Lost ClocksDirtyland 
Top - Tiny Tube Top - Pink @ Kennedy's at Jersey Shore (For GFW) 
Tummy Piercing - Belly Piercings P1 Phoebe's Piercings 
Cuffs -  Riu Spiked Bracelets Pure Poison 
Tattoo - Love Is Just LoveYour Cocain at Fi*fridays (New) 
Nails - Ultra Mesh Nails Jamman 
Pants - Dan Cargo Pants R3volt 
Shoes - High Tops League