Thursday, 8 August 2013


Ello Muffintops!!

More goodness from She & Him for this mornings post. Hollipocket have beautiful sideless mesh dresses in brights, prints, and darks. Each dress comes in a pack of 3, and appliers for Tango/Lush are included.
Also over at She & Him, you will find this wicked tattoo that also includes appliers for Tango/Lush.
The earrings & poses are also from She & Him.

My cute little friend on my arm there is a new addition to my virtual family <3 I saw Toxxic  with one on her blog Alterego  and instantly wanted - no - needed one too. I remember looking at these little AI Pets long ago, but then I completely forgot, so I'm so glad I saw him again cos I swear its the cutest lil thing <3

Hair - Chelsea - Fades @ Tameless  (New) 
Glasses - Kawaii Monster Shield Sunglasses @ Epic at Perfect Wardrobe  (New-Exclusive) 
Earrings - The Plastique Earrings - Pink BY Dirtymind at She & Him (New-Exclusive) 
Piercing - Disarray @ Cute Poison  (New) 
Tattoo - Rose Flower tattoo BY Bubblesqueen at She & Him (New) 
Dress - Mellow Cup Mini - Set 3 BY Hollipocket at She & Him  (New-Exclusive) 
Necklaces - Babette Combo 
Bracelets - Boho Bangles 
Both @ Maxi Gossomer 
AI Pet - Yorkshire Rich A.I.F Pets 
Gloves - Lace Shorty Gloves - Strawberry PinkHollipocket 
Rings - Melissa - Turquoise Leather Bens Beauty 
Garter - Smexay Garter @ Hollipocket - Slurl Above 
Shoes - Chandel - Pink Tara Shoes 
Poses - De Luxe BY Le Poppycock at She & Him (New-Exclusive) 

Taxi to She & Him Here