Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tropical Flowers

Hello Moonbugs!

My lil SL Fur Baby has made another appearance in this evenings post, as we have decided on a a name at last. \o/
Introducing. . . . .. Drum Roll. . . . . . . Lil Pea!! Pea has been named this for reasons best kept to ourselves, but we are loving this lil virtual ball of fur <3

Ok so onto the outfit, this cutesey mesh dress is by Dead Dolls at Flux, and comes with a hud to change the texture to 3 floral prints. As it is mesh it comes in standard sizing.
The pretty eye makeup is also at Flux, its one of 6 colours with tiny lil tropical flower detail <3

Hair - Cercei  - Fatpack Runaway  (New) 
Hair Sticks - Flamingo Hairsticks - Red BY The Stringer Mausoleum at Flux (New-Exclusive-Gatcha) 
Eyes - Gem Eyes - Mint BY Crash Republic at She & Him (New-Exclusive) 
Eye Makeup - Flower Eyeshadow - Fruity BY Kokolores at Flux (New-Exclusive) 
Tattoo - Rose Flower Tattoo BY Bubblesqueen at She & Him (New-Exclusive) 
Earrings/Bracelets/Rings - Mega Star Jewellery Set @Bens Beauty   (New) 
Necklace - Lovelock Collar - Black @ Shabby Cat  (New) 
Dress - Hawika BY Dead Dolls at Flux (New-Exclusive) 
Shoes - Delicious - Red Passion N-Core 

Taxi To Flux Here 
Taxi To She & Him Here