Monday, 2 September 2013

Fallen Angel

Hey Loves!

So this is my first post on the laptop lol, and the first thing I notice, is that its really hard to see the small details as the screen is tiny compared to what I'm used to! But beggars cant be choosers and so I wont complain (too much). Will just count down the days till I have my new (PC) Baby to coo over!
(If you dont know what I'm on about read here )

Days till new PC is built : 5 (?)  

So onto the post!

The new round of Perfect Wardrobe opened today peeps, and the theme is Angelic!
Don't just think though of white robes and halos! Think the Dark Angels too :oD

Hair - Giz - Garnet D!va at The Arcade (New) 
Horns - Ring Horns - Grey Runaway (New) 
Eye Makeup - Eyeshadow Popstar - Red Mons at TDR Fusion  (New) 
Lashes - Statement LashesThe Pink Bandaid 
Ears - Stretched EarsMandala 
Piercing - DisarrayCute Poison 
Collar/Cuffs - Spiked Collar/Bracelet Set Bowtique 
Dress - Fallen Angel Dress BY Sakide at Perfect Wardrobe  (New) 
Arm Cuff - BronksEclipse Art Studio 
Chest Tattoo - Butterfly Wings Tattoo BY Sourirres at Perfect Wardrobe  (New) 
Arm Tattoo - Love Is Just LoveYour Cocain at Fi*Fridays 
Knee Guard - Dark Gladiator Epic 

Taxi To Perfect Wardrobe Here