Monday, 2 September 2013

My Computer Died :(

Hey Lovelies <3

I have some really Shitty news Peeps.  My main computer is kaput - the RAM is majorly buggered and I am no longer able to use it to log in to SL.
The silver lining to this heavy black cloud is that its forced me to beg borrow and steal in order to get the components I need to have my Brother build me my shiny new gaming computer earlier than I had anticipated. (I have been squirreling away money and had already bought the case and motherboard along with other bits). The items will be arriving on Thursday this week, and Brother is planning on beginning building it at the weekend.
In the meantime I will have to log into SL using my laptop. It is far from ideal though as it tends to overheat even with a cooling tray, therefore I am only able to log into SL for short periods of time.
Blog wise this means that there will be fewer blog posts, maybe prolly only 1 post a day, and picture quality may be a lil weaker than usual, but I can assure ya'll that normal service WILL resume just as soon as humanly possible.

Let me just take  a second to mourn the loss of my faithful companion. . . . .

And lets hope that the building of my new companion is as smooth as possible, and that sometime over the weekend we are laughing and drinking champagne together to Christen my new baby. LOL!

In the meantime Peeps :-