Friday, 20 September 2013

Ghetto Fabulous

Heyaaaa Lovelies!
Yay! I still haven't had to take off my Phat Azz as all my fave designers are embracing the asses and including appliers in all their releases \o/
Forever Young have these wicked fishnet capri pants that not only come with a Phat Azz hud appler, but one that includes 10 colours :D Standard clothing layers are included for those that haven't yet embraced the ass :D

Hair/Hat - Sissy - FadesTameless (New) 
Titty Tatt - Bite Me Identity at Lubbly Jubblies  (New) 
Top - On Point - Obnoxious Green Lil Lace at Silicone  (New) 
Torso Tatt - Beautiful Death Endless Pain 
Belly Chain - Luxuria Belly BeltEclipse Art Studio 
Bangles - Hoop Mesh bangles - Colour Pack 
Rings - Melissa - Pink Leather 
Both @ Bens Beauty 
Fishnets - Capri Fishnets - GreenForever Young  (New) 
Skirt - Bend Me Over Mini - Set 7 
Garter - Smexay Garter 
Both @  Hollipocket 
Boots - Triumph GoS