Monday, 14 October 2013


Helloooooo Loves!

Well Monday is here again, and here has been pouring with rain, and completely miserable, but rather than be down about it, I'll choose to think of it as an excuse to jump into my jammies, have a hot chocolate, and spend the evening in SL, where it never rains (unless you want it to!)  :D

Anyhoooo, this gorgeous lingerie set is available exclusively by Lil Lace at the Azz Show. It comes in  4 colours, and appliers for Tango Boobs and Phat Azz Bootehs are included. There are loads of options with this set  as you can choose to wear any of the items alone, or in combos. I'm wearing the full set in the pic.

Hair - LarkRumina 
Headband - Hearts A Flutter #7 Le Fil Casse at Oh My Gatcha (New -Exclusive) 
Wings - Flutter By Wings - BubblegumHollipocket at Oh My Gatcha (New -Exclusive) 
Beads - Pearlie Girlies Jizz Pearls Hollipocket at Body Mod Expo (New-Exclusive)
Necklace - Candy Heart Necklace - U R Cute Atooly at Candy Fair (New-Exclusive)
Lingerie - Pan Cake - WhiteLil Lace at The Azz Show (New-Exclusive) 
Tail - Somali Neko Tail (Two Cats) 
Feet - Mesh bare Feet - Tip ToeN-Core 
Ankle Beads / Bracelets - Pearlie Girlies Jizz Pearls Hollipocket at Body Mod Expo (New-Exclusive)