Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Hey Hey Monkehs!

Well we survived Monday! So onto the rest of the week :D And the new round of Lubbly Jubbblies kicks off, and Fat Pack Week, plus the fall edition of Cosmetics Fair too -  Woot - bring it on!

Hair - Oh Baby DollLamb 
Eyeliner/Lipstick - Daily Makeup Bens Beauty at Cosmetics Fair (New-Exclusive) 
Earrings - Sweet Heart Hoops - Blue Atooly at Body Mod Expo  (New-Exclusive) 
Necklace - Meeyaw Necklace - PinkBens Beauty (New) 
Top - None Tops - No LimitLe Forme at LJ (Lubbly Jubblies) 
Voodoo Doll - Cuddledoo #6Strawberry Jam at FPW (Fat Pack Week)  
Tummy Tattoo - Lucky Bitch @ Tenjin at Oh My Gatcha  (OMG) 
Bracelets - Pearlie Girlies Jizz Pearls Hollipocket at Body Mod Expo (New-Exclusive) 
Shorts - Who Booty This - Set 3Hollipocket at She & Him (New-Exclusive) 
Leg Tattoo - Rose TattooYour Cocain at Fi*fridays (New) 
Legwarmers - Warm Me Up Bebe Hollipocket at The Azz Show (New-Exclusive) 
Feet - Mesh Bare Feet - Tip ToeN-Core