Friday, 4 October 2013

Sexeh Kitteh

Ellooooo Peeper-oos!!

Way back when, waaaaay before Brookie Rascon, I used to be a Neko (Lmao) I was a neko mainly out of necessity as when I was a noob, the only shoes you could get free were the "bling" shoes, that shone a million miles, and lagged everyone in the vicinity for a week.
Neko outfits always came with neko boots (Paws), and so when hitting midnight mania boards for tomorrows outfit I was always guaranteed to get shoes (Paws) with said outfit.
Anyhoooo what prompted this trip down memory lane was, the gorgeous kitty mask here. It is an Original Anatomy item from their Halloween Gatcha machine at Jersey Shoes OMG Event, and when I opened the bloggers pack and found it, I decided I needed a kitty tail, Id seen onthe  Alterego blog this tail and loves it for its wrap around fluffehness.
I can honestly say, Nekos back then were never as hawt as this lil Kitteh

Ears - Kawaii Glam Neko Ears @ *Epic*  (GG) 
Hair - Lark - Ombre @ Rumina  (New) 
Kitteh Face - Neko Nose & Whiskers @ Original Anatomy at Oh My Gatcha (OMG) 
Collar - Maiden Eclipse Art Studio 
Bodysuit - Cassie Body - BlackFnH at Silicone 
Bangles - [EY:NO] - Store Closed 
Gloves - EnigmaLouLou 
Tail - Somali Neko tail Two Cats 
Tattoo - Filigree For Phat AzzVestigium (New)