Friday, 8 November 2013

Candy Princess

Heya Lovelies <3

Woooo & Happy Friday to ya'll!!!

Here we have a burst of colour, and lots of newness :D

Hollipocket have gorgeous lace neck corsets out at The Boobies Show, these come in a TON of colours, and are supplied with 2 Huds - one for the lace, one for the collar. Appliers for Tango are included of course :o)
The tank is also by Hollipocket at TBS. Called Plain Jane tanks- they are anything but! They come with appliers for Tango Boobs and Phat Azzes.
(Holli is also now making appliers for Sking Brazilian Asses - I'm thinking I'm gonna need to investigate this ass too!)

Bishes Inc have hawt lil mesh booty skirts out for the Phat Azz Event. These come in a ton of colours, and are unrigged mesh to resize to your azz shape. There are also rigged versions for non Azz wearers :D

And finally, but not least - Runaway have the cutest lil cat face sockies out. Thes lil cuties come in a range of colours and include clothing layers, plus appliers for Phat Azzes & Slink Feet. Anyone who knows me knows how cat obsessed I am, so I was uber excited to open these! <33

Hair - Tilly - Fantasy Pack @ Tameless  (New) 
Crown - Princess Crown - Pink @ {Free} on MP  (New)
Ears - Stretched EarsMandala 
Collar - Lace Dom CorsetHollipocket at The Boobies Show(New - Exclusive) 
Necklace - LoveSkull Necklace{Free} on MP (New) 
Top - Plain Jane Tanks - Set 8 @ Hollipocket at The Boobies Show   (New - Exclusive) 
Gloves - Cotton Gloves Lark 
Bracelets/Anklets - Pearlie Girlie Jizz Pearls Hollipocket 
Nails - Ultra Mesh NailsJamman 
Skirt - Booty Skirt - Hot Pink Plaid @ Bishes Inc at the Azz Show  (New - Exclusive) 
Sockies - Cat Socks - AquaRunaway (New)