Friday, 8 November 2013

Keep The Wolf From The Door

Hey Lil Minxes!

Hope ya'll enjoying ya Friday :D

The Current round of Lubbly Jubblies is ending very soon, so if ya wanna get ya boobie bargains in, head over now. This top is one of a selection by C&S at the event \o/

This weeks GFW is also on now, and this lil Tiger (♥) bag is on offer , but only till tomorrow!

Forever Young have brand new stocking for Phat Azz out too. These are too cute, they come in 2 packs, each pack having 6 colours on clothing layers & Phat Azz huds. They have the cutest corset detail on the back which I will show in another post, as - Ill be completely honest - I forgot while taking my pics! Sowwwy Hannah!!

Plus, if you haven't been over to The Rockabilly Fashion Fair yet - Firstly, why the hell not? And secondly, well just go K?

Hair - Kirsten - Naturals Tameless (New) 
Head Scarf - Rockabilly Bandana Headband @ Zombie Suicide at TRFF (New - Exclusive)
Glasses - My Billys Glasses - BlackBlah at TRFF (New - Exclusive)
Piercing - Throwback 2 - Jet @ Ellabella at TRFF (New - Exclusive)
Necklace - Heartbreaker @ Hollyweird at TRFF (New - Exclusive)
Top - Halter Top - White @ S&C at Cleavage  (Lubbly Jubblies) 
Sleeves - PassionTenjin 
Bracelets - Nautical Wristbands @ Muka at TRFF (New - Exclusive)
Hand Tattoo - Wolf For Slink Hands @ Vestigium   (New) 
Bag - Tigress Handbag @ Mystery at Jersey Shore   (For GFW) 
Belly Piercing - Scorpion Piercing Phoebes Piercings 
Skirt - Sexy Mini For Phat AzzPurple Candy 
Garter - Smexay GartersHollipocket 
Stockings - Missy Thigh Highs @ Forever Young at The Azz Show   (New - Exclusive) 
Shoes - My Satin Bow Pumps - Black @ Blah at TRFF  (New - Exclusive)