Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Bitch Is Back

Hey Shrooms :D

Firstly: I'm so sorry its been so long since my last blog post, RL threw a curve ball, and I just had to spend some time with the people I love most in the world.

SL is a welcome distraction though when the RL shit hits the fan, so I can honestly say, its good to be back, even if I dont know how long I'm back for!

So with that being said, lets get to todays post eh, which mainly consists of exclusives from The Rockabilly Fashion Fair - I know - I'm very lucky!

The new round of The Boobies Show also opened while I was AFK, and Bishes Inc have cuuuute lil sheer tops out in a ton of colours for the event. The tops come in both sheer and solid versions, with clothing layers & appliers for Tango.

Your Cocain also have new tattoos for Slink Hands out. I had to buy the hands just so I could blog these, and I loves em! I got the casual hands, but lets be honest, Ill prolly end up gettin some of the others, the Fuck You hands will probably be used on more than one occasion!

Hair - LockNRoll Hair - Blondes @ Runaway at TRFF   (New - Exclusive) 
Blusher / Mole / Eyeliner - Unisex razor Blush + Mole + Eyelashes Ltd Combo @ Pink Acid at TRFF   (New - Exclusive) 
Piercing - Throwback Two - Silver @ Ellabella at TRFF   (New - Exclusive)
Cig - Smokes - Candy Skulls Pack @ Geek at TRFF  (New - Exclusive)
Necklace - Nautical Necklace - Pink @ Cute Poison at TRFF   (New - Exclusive)
Chest Tattoo - Swallow Me - Blueberry @ Hollipocket at TRFF  (New - Exclusive)
Top - Sheer Tube - Light Pink @ Bishes Inc at The Boobies Show   (New - Exclusive)
Hands Tattoo - Birds For SlinkYour Cocain (New) 
Nails - Retro Dots For Slink Hands Munique at TRFF (New - Exclusive)
Bracelets/Anklets - Pearlie Girlie Jizz PearlsHollipocket 
Ring - Kiss Ring  @ Bens Beauty 
Shorts - B Boop Shorts - Sky For Phat Azz @ Suicidal Unborn at TRFF  (New - Exclusive)
Leg Tattoo - Snake Eyes @  Tenjin at TRFF  (New - Exclusive)
Shoes - Rocka Pumps - V3 @ R3volt at TRFF   (New - Exclusive)

Body Parts ( Ears, Boobs, Ass, Hands, Feet etc) - See Body Basics Tab Plz