Sunday, 5 January 2014

Dark Side

Ello Sweeties <3

Hope ya'll enjoying ya Sunday :D Mine has been quite busy, eveyone is back at work/school etc tomorrow sooo its all been go! Happily though, I'm able to grab an hour at the computer and so I can post some more goodies from OMG, and more sexiness from Silicone <3

Horns - Belted Razor Horns (Rare) @ Tablou Irrestible at OMG (New) 
Hair - Rusti - Naturals @ Tameless  (New) 
Earrings/Rings - Wedding Jewellery Set - (Texture Change) @ Bens Beauty (New) 
Ears - Steking EarsMandala 
Eyes/Piercing - Lapse - Stygian Ellabella 
Cig/Leg Strap - Nicotin AddictTabou Irrestible 
Lace Eye Mask/Collar - The Masked Boudior - Black (Rare) @ Tablou Irrestible at OMG (New) 
Black Tears - Black tears #12 (Rare) @ Elephente Poses at OMG (New) 
Necklace - Dragons Eye necklace - Ashen!TLB at OMG (New) 
Shoulder Pet - Lil Grey Armadillo (Rare) @ Tama at OMG (New) 
Bodysuit - Anastasia Black Silver Body @ Silicone   (New) 
Cuffs - Lolita Wrist Straps  - Storm!dM at OMG (New) 
Hand Tattoo - Maiori Your Cocain 
Manicure For Slink Hands  - Silver Dip Polish {Zos} (New) 
Leg Tattoo - Soul Tattoo (Rare) @ Tenjin at OMG (New) 
Boots/Sock - (ePunk) - Black (Red)Mint