Monday, 6 January 2014

He Pandas To My Needs

Elloooo Chicks!

Here we are at (for a lot of us) the first of the years full working week - boooooo! But on the upside, there's loads of shopping to be done - yaaaaaay!

Before we get onto the post, I just wanna take a second to introduce Babbling Brook's newest Sponsor. . . . .Drumroll please. . . .  .Welcome {Vision} - S&F!! If you haven't been by {Vision} - S&F yet, put it on ya TO DO list, cos this store has sexy assed gear for both the implant lovers among us (Both boobs & butts), and those who prefer to be natural. I'm super excited to have been invited to join the team, so huge thankies to Pjey & Lona <3

Crown - Queen Bish Crown - BlackHollipocket at OMG (New) 
Head Chain - Soma - Black Things 
Hair - CerceiRunaway  
Shoulder Pet - Lil Panda Bear Tamagacha at OMG (New) 
Makeup - Black Tears #1Elephante Poses at OMG (New) 
Necklace - Pearlie Girlies Jizz Pearl Necklace Hollipocket 
Chest Tattoo - True Beauty Identity 
Top - Tracy Top - Hot Pink @ [PL] at Silicone  (New) 
Gloves - Boudior Gloves - Black (Rare) @ Tabou Irrestible at OMG (New) 
Cuffs - Lolita Wrist Wraps - Storm !dM at OMG (New) 
Rings - Skeleton Rings PMS at OMG (New) 
Hip  Chain - Sentinel Belly Belt Eclipse Art Studio 
Hip  Tattoo - Stars @  Runaway 
Jeans - Phat Azz Jeans - Black Ripped Vision - S&F (New) 
Shoes - Fashion Halle - Black @ Tara Shoes  (New) 
Poses - Kollective 7 & 8Eternal Dream at The Kollective (New)