Thursday, 2 January 2014

Pipe Down

Ello again Peeps 

Here we have some more exclusive gatcha goodies at OMG \o/
There is soooo much awesomeness you have got to go on over, if youre not already a fan of gatcha machines, you will be!

Hair - Gamer Leftovers - In My Closet Controller (Rare)Geek at OMG (New) 
Ears - Stretched Ears Mandala 
Octopus - Cuddly Octopi - Geeky Dude (Rare)Forever Young at OMG (New) 
Weasel - Lil White Weasel Tamagacha2 at OMG (New) 
Collar - Choke On Dat - Wht/Wht (Rare)D2K at OMG (New) 
Necklace - House LannisterLe fil casse at OMG (New) 
Top - Phrase Me Long Tops - Set 1 @ Hollipocket at Stroker's Sexpo 
Arm Warmers - Tricotin ArmwarmersLouLou at OMG (New) 
Mani For Slink - Silver Dip PolishZoz (New) 
Shorts - Sassy Pants - Pack 2Forever Young at SL Fashion Week (New) 
Socks/Boots - (ePunk) Boots(Red)Mint at Frost