Friday, 3 January 2014

Wheres The Bunneh

Heya Shroomys <3

Cleavage's weekly Going Bust sale is on this weekend, and Pink Sugah have cute lil lacey bodysuits out. The suits come in a pack of 2, and include appliers for Tango/Lush/Evo boobs, and Phat Azz & Brazilla bums :D
Almost everything else in the pic is from OMG - best gatcha event - ever! <3

Bunneh - Bun Head Warmer - White w/ Pink Bow (Rare)Mango Cheeks at OMG  (New) 
Hair - Janice - Naturals Tameless (New) 
Hairbows - Candybows - Berries+Cream & Parfait (Rares)[PL] at OMG  (New) 
Earrings - Dragonfly Earrings Bens Beauty (New) 
Collar - Choke On Dat - Candy (Ultra Rare) D2K at OMG  (New) 
Octopus - Cuddly Octopi - Pink (Rare)Forever Young at OMG  (New) 
Tattoo - Rosey Posey Hollipocket 
Body - Peepshow - Brocade - Peacock Pink Sugah at Cleavage (New) 
Plushy - Snuggy Narwhal - Baby Pink (Rare) [PL] at OMG  (New) 
Rings - Cupcake RingsTANC at OMG  (New) 
Hand Tattoo - Hearts Your Cocain 
Cuff - Get Wrapped Up Cuff - Pink Camo (Ultra Rare) D2K at OMG  (New) 
Leg Tattoo - Princess Tattoo Tenjin at OMG  (New) 
Ankle Beads - Pearlie Girlies Jizz Pearls Hollipocket 
Foot Tattoo - DownYour Cocain