Thursday, 20 February 2014

Laced Up

Eh up Chucks <3

Every girl needs an LBD right? Well how about sexing it up even more with a sheer LBD? Add a blindfold and gag, some killer heels and a lil lacing, and wot have ya got? Purrr Power is what! (Erm thats my way of sayin sexeh in case ya didn't get it!)

Tiara - Emo Queen @ Dirtyland 
Hair - Scarlet Hair - Smooth - Basic Roots Mix @ Underscore  (New) 
Blindfold -Blindfold - BlackZoz at Gatcha Garden   (Gatcha)
Gag - Gag - Black @ Zoz at Gatcha Garden  (Gatcha)
Necklace - Bitch Necklace @ Pomposity 
Dress - Black Micro Dress @ Echelon at Silicone  (New)
Belt - Linked Hearts Belly Chain @ Pomposity  (New)
Bangles/Rings - Lyra Set @ MG at Collabor88  (New) 
Manicure (& Pedicure) For Slink - Elegant Curve Polish @ Zoz  (New)
Garter - Garter Love @ Muka 
Laced Bow - Bow Piercing - Black @ Tabou Irrestible  (Gatcha - Rare) (New)
Shoes - Super Diva Extreme - Nude @ Tara Shoes  (New)