Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Love Struck

Ello again Darlings <3

Well, here we are fast approaching Valentines Day, and SL is going all out - as ever!
Now dont accuse me of being all "Hum Bug" but valentines day has never been my fave celebration, even as a happily married woman, I find it all a bit forced. But, for peeps with romantically challenged other halves I suppose it can serve a purpose :D
So I will try and embrace the occasion, and here we have a subtely Valentines Day themed posty :D

Hair - Hart - Candy @ Ploom (New)
Eyes - Havila Eyes - Frost - GlowAdoness at Thrift Shop   (New)
Ears - Tapered Ears @ Mandala 
Necklace - Amore Necklace @ Pomposity  (New)
Sleeve - Chibi Dreams @ Vestigium
Top - Strip Top - Hotpink - SheerBishes Inc at The Big Show   (New)
Corset - Babie Corset - Set 2 @ Forever Young at The With Love Fair  (New)
Dog - Boston Buddy @ Birdy at The Mens Dept
Bows - Funky Bowage Set @ Hollipocket at The With Love Fair  (New)
Belly Piercing - Love Belly Piercing @ Pomposity 
Bows Piercing - Cutie Bow Piercing - DrizzledForever Young at The Big Show (New)
Rings - Diva Knuckle Ring & Flying Saucer Ring @ Pomposity  
Nails - Metals  & Tips Set -  (Includes Pedi) @ Zoz   (New)
 Jeans - Jeggin Jeans - Set 5 @ Hollipocket at The Big Show  (New)
Leg Warmers - Stubby Warmers - Set 2 Hollipocket at The Big Show  (New)