Monday, 10 February 2014

Rainbows & Unicorns

Ello Darlings <3

I so love this lil Unicorn Outfit, I couldnt wait to blog it <3 Its by [Q.E] and only 100 will be available at the Big Show. The complete outfit includes Unicorn horn, outfit, leg warmers, arm warmers, appliers for Phat Azz and Tango boobs, tail, necklace & ring.

The cute lil horns are by Forever Young at The Thrift Shop. There are 12 to play for, 4 being rare.

The gorgeous piercing eyes are by Adoness at The Thrift Shop & are also a gatcha item. There are 8 colours to play for, and all come with 3 effects: full bright, glow and regular.  

Hair - XOXO - Valentine Pink @ Little Bones  (V Day Gift) (New) 
Horns - Candy Horns - Rainbow Dream Forever Young at The Thrift Shop (Gatcha-Rare) (New) 
Ears - Elf Ears Mandala
Eyes - Havila Eyes - Asparagus @ Adoness at The Thrift Shop  (Gatcha) (New) 
Star Necklace - Little Star Necklace - Yellow @ Atooly  (Jack Or Jill Hunt) (New) 
Outfit - Unico - White @ [Q.E] at The Big Show (Ltd Edt) (New)  
Tattoo - My Fancy Thigh Milk   (Past Gift)
Garter - Hunky Bowage - Thigh @ Hollipocket at The With Love Fair  (Part Of A Set) (New)