Saturday, 19 April 2014

I Predict a Riot

Ello again Meloves!
Happy Saturday :D
Woo 2 days into the weekend with another 2 to come - don't ya just love Easter?!

Soo, to begin with today [Q.E] have sexy lil outfits at TBS . They include tops with Tango/Mirage appliers, pants with Phat Azz/Ghetto Ass appliers, and sockies with Slink appliers <3

Im also wearing more news from Pomposity, a heavy neckchain with padlock, and belly Chain. These are texture change to 7 metals.

The wicked plaster & blood I'm sporting is also new, by Tabou Irrestible at Comics fair. 

Hairband - Movie Night Headband @ Le fil casse
Hair - Mercedes - Naturals @ Tameless (New) 
Plaster/Face Tattoo - Bandaid Nose & Blood Nose Tattoo @ Tabou Irrestible at Comic Fair (New) 
Necklace - Padlock Punk Necklace @ Pomposity (New)
Tattoo - Yahara @ Your Cocain
Outfit - Tori Set - Blue @ [Q.E] at The Big Show (New) 
Belly Chain - Swirly Curly Belly Chain @ Pomposity (New)
Arm Band - Armbands - Love @ Muka
Mani/Pedi For Slink - Dark Spring Solids @ Zoz at Spring Break Fair (New)
 Leg band - Garter Love @ Muka
Leg Warmers - Stubby Warmers @ Hollipocket

Baseball Bat & Poses - Z.D.F @ Ploom 
Location - Virtual Decay
Happy Shopping!