Friday, 18 April 2014


Herro Muffins <3

Hope ya'll enjoyin' ya Good Friday :D

Whats New?
Well. . .
{Vision} - S&F have beauts lil hotpants outfits out new over at The Comics fashion Fair. The hotpants part of the suits come with appliers for Phat Azz and the tops are mesh and come in standard sizing. There are 3 designs to choose from.

Pomposity also have brand spanking newness out \o/ I'm wearing their new Multi Cross necklace & belly chain. Both are texture change to 7 metals.

Over on Jersey Shore, this weeks GFW is in full swing, where you are able to get tons of goodies for under 100L. This cute leg tattoo is Pervettes offering this week and includes tattoo layers, and appliers for Phat Azz.

Hairbow - Kenzi Bow - Pink @ Atooly
Hair - Tanya - Duos @ Runaway (New)
Necklace - Multi Cross Necklace @ Pomposity (New)
Top & Shorts - Comics Fashion Top W/Body - Kiss @ {Vision} - S&F at Comics Fair (New)
Belly Chain  - Multi Cross Belly Chain @ Pomposity (New) 
Hand Tattoo - Yahara @ Your Cocain
Mani/Pedi For Slinks - Dark Springs Solids Polish @ Zoz @ Spring Break (New)
Foot Tattoo - Arch Feather @ Pervette at Jersey Shore (For GFW)
Garter - Pistolero @ LouLou
Anklets - Pearlie Girlie Jizz Pearls @ Hollipocket 
Shoes - Tahiti - Pearl - For Slink Highs @ KoiKoi Shoes
Location - The Great Fissure
Happy  Shopping!